Flash Fiction

Wishes for the Past

“If we get arrested, it’s all your fault.” Evan glared at his dad. Issac just laughed and ruffled Evan’s dark hair, smiling. “It’s fine, kid. You’re not going to get arrested for it.”

Evan grumbled and slowly, wincing slightly, climbed up onto the roof. Issac followed him and once they were both safely on top of the building, he guided him over to a pair of empty milk crates. “Your mom and I used to come up here a lot. That was before you were born.”

Evan didn’t acknowledge his words, too busy adjusting the settings on his new camera so he could take a picture of the night sky and the city lights. Issac sighed softly, watching him, and remembering when those same green eyes had peered at him out of a different face. Life had pulled them different ways, but there was a tangible reminder of their time together – their son. He only wished that Trisha had come to live with him as well as their son.

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Published by Annie Louise Twitchell

Annie Louise Twitchell

About the Author: Annie Louise Twitchell is a homeschool graduate who is obsessed with dragons and fairy tales. She enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and many forms of art. When she's not writing, she can often be found reading out loud to her cat, rabbit, and houseplants, or wandering barefoot in the area around her Western Maine home.

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