Flash Fiction

Dining Dangerously

We slid into opposite sides of the booth, drawing little notice. Men wearing black shirts and slacks and boots are not that much of an outlier and Shirley hadn’t changed. A quick glance at the menu later and I announced, “I know what I’m having!”

Shirley glanced at me, looked down at the menu once more and her face fell as she spied the dish.

“Arthur,” she said sweetly, “we are about to be trying to break into one of the most highly guarded seed vaults in the world, a place where outside of the dogs, and lasers, and three different heat sensors, and motion detectors, they also have the most sophisticated sound detecting equipment. Do you really want to order this?”

The waiter approached and asked if we were ready, holding Shirley’s gaze I proudly said, “I’ll have a black coffee and 5 way bean platter please.”

Shirley turned her face back to the menu and simply said, “If we get arrested it’s all your fault.”

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Published by Jeff Clarke

Jeff Clarke

Jeff is a crafter of paper snowflakes, award nominated amateur actor, writer of dibs and drabs, composer of historical limericks and fandom song parodist. He is engaged to a brilliant, talented and patient author and editor and together they are the proud, humble, and often scrambling parents of three amazing kids.

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