Words, Words

birds flit

flutter, fly

but never will they

rattle or howl

to daintly flit

across the sky

instead of a purr

a yap or a prowl


a flit-flutter


tip-toe tapping

jumpy jiggle

a noise, a sound

what does it matter

if it is

a snort or a giggle?


a honk or a beep

a weary sigh

a swish or a splash

an inch or a mile

don’t know about you

but I think that I

would rather grin

than smirk or smile


to be mischievous

and have joy

instead of a prankster

and be happy

which is the better

to be quiet or coy


or sappy?


you might argue

hey, these are the same

the synonyms are easy

to see

but, like a religion

a belief or a name

words matter

to me

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

Published by Suzanne Wdowik

Suzanne Wdowik

Suzanne Wdowik is a third year student at the University of Michigan studying Creative Writing and English, with a minor in Mathematics. She has aspired to be an author for as long as she can remember, and though she does not currently have any published novels, she is featured in the David Bowie/Alan Rickman tribute anthology Stardust, Always, as well as co-writing multiple short stories in the anthology 72 Hours of Insanity.

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