the night


she sleeps

deep in meaningless dream


a strange sensation

waking up in the deep crimson heartbeat

that is the dawn


throwing open the door to let in the world

light floods the room

only knowing the sun’s death

the night owl is entranced by the sun’s rebirth


running, now, to the edge of the mighty lake

the sun cuts a bright path on the water

she longs to skip on this road

to the sun

and in this instant she believes there are miracles


her mother and father join her in celebration

as the new day is etched in pure gold

she reaches up and cups the newborn sun

in her hand


the moment passes

voices break the magical silence

the smell of coffee and pancakes


she feels the bubbly secret

of witnessing the miracle of


the day

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Published by Suzanne Wdowik

Suzanne Wdowik

Suzanne Wdowik is a third year student at the University of Michigan studying Creative Writing and English, with a minor in Mathematics. She has aspired to be an author for as long as she can remember, and though she does not currently have any published novels, she is featured in the David Bowie/Alan Rickman tribute anthology Stardust, Always, as well as co-writing multiple short stories in the anthology 72 Hours of Insanity.

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