The city glistens in the morning light

that shines upon the people moving fast.

A little girl, pigtails tied up with bright

bubblegum colored ribbons hurries past.

She pauses by the vender stalls to think

and run her quiv’ring fingers through her hair.

Her darting eyes catch sight of red and pink

and rest upon the flowers lying there.

“Here is your daily flower,” says a boy.

The vender hands the girl a sturdy rose.

“Roses are beauties!” the girl says with joy.

She skips along, as love inside her grows.

She brings the rose to stony gardens blue

and sets it on a headstone there. For you.


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Published by Suzanne Wdowik

Suzanne Wdowik

Suzanne Wdowik is a third year student at the University of Michigan studying Creative Writing and English, with a minor in Mathematics. She has aspired to be an author for as long as she can remember, and though she does not currently have any published novels, she is featured in the David Bowie/Alan Rickman tribute anthology Stardust, Always, as well as co-writing multiple short stories in the anthology 72 Hours of Insanity.

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