Navigating the Dark

I’m getting good

at navigating the dark

without a light to guide me,

and I guess I don’t need one

when it’s easy to find your way deeper

without guidance.


I’m getting good

at navigating the dark

because I’m not afraid of it anymore,

not afraid of the monsters

that lurk in its depths

or the harm they might bring.

I’m not afraid of them

because I’m no longer afraid of death,

because I cannot fear

a monster I crave.

I no longer fear them

because I have walked through the darkness

in the dead of night

to speak to the worst of them.


I no longer run

from the monsters that lurk in the dark.

Instead, I look deep

into their shining yellow and red eyes

and I smile,

and they smile back

and let me pass,

because they know I’m becoming

just like them.


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Published by Caitlin McGee

Caitlin McGee

Caitlin is an openly lesbian and asexual writer, photographer, editor, and activist. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually out and about taking photos, doing research for her stories that has likely landed her on the NSA’s watch-list, playing video games, reading, hiking, fighting for equality, or binge-watching one of her many favorite TV shows.

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