Calling to Me, Remember

But there was comfort there

In the pain

In the hurt

A struggle to keep breathing

When you felt you couldn’t move

The triumph of looking back

Of seeing yourself working



While struggling to break free

Fighting against your thoughts


I was broken

But I was a warrior

The pills took that fight away

They replaced my ocean with a lake

They took the sinking sand around me

And placed me on concrete floors


I feel more alive

And less myself


Sometimes I fear those pills

I’m scared they took away my ability to think

My ability to create

My will to struggle


If there is nothing stopping me from going forwards

Nothing in my way pushing me back

What reason is there for me to do it


After living a life

With impossible obstacles

After wandering through deserted woods

The paved road is uninviting

And tempts me to return

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

Published by Isabelle Hammond

Isabelle Hammond

Isabelle Hammond is an aspiring teacher and author attending college on the East Coast of the United States. She spends most of her time with open word documents in front of her while she stares at her phone. It’s been said that Isabelle has at least one book, two notebooks, and ten pens on her person at any given time. Isabelle is very passionate about mental health issues, LGBTQ+ representation in literature, and spreading compassion in society.

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