Love yourself

You are the universe manifested in a body.

Starlight and rainbows and thunderstorms

and chaos and confusion and frustration

and brilliance and radiance and joy,

all wrapped up in a cloak of skin.


Love yourself

For in doing so you will learn to love

the other bodies that make up

the universe and the chaos.


Love yourself

We were taught many things but never this:

that it’s okay to be madly,

radiantly, passionately

in love with you, yourself.


Love yourself

We were taught,

“love our neighbor as ourselves”,

but that’s pretty much impossible to do

if you don’t love yourself.


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Stuck on the Borderline

I’m stuck on the edge

Of good and bad

I’m stuck between

The sea and the sand.


I’m lost in the wild

Yet I’ll never be free

The line’s so fine

That it’s too hard to see.


I want to know now

Where there’s a shade of gray

Not that I’ll notice

If I look either way.


I’m stuck on the borderline

Trying to find my ground.

It’s noisy as can be…

Yet I don’t hear a sound.


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A Paper’s Memoir

Lay a pen on me.

My old soul roams

around here,



I’m the cheek that

these inks kiss,

I’m tainted by

their feelings.


I like the scent

of every skin

that makes these pens

gracefully dance.


They come in

different aromas.


Some sweet scents

don’t stay.


Some bitter scents

take too long


go away.


But if I should tell you

a tale of my love,

then I shall tell you

that I fell in love the most

with Words,

for if he’ll not come home to me,

then my old soul shall die in vain

and he’ll be lost.



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The Writer

Pens are scratchy.
Making harsh sounds
as they dance across the page,
spreading ink –
like a puppy
leaving tracks on
unbleached snow.

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