the night


she sleeps

deep in meaningless dream


a strange sensation

waking up in the deep crimson heartbeat

that is the dawn


throwing open the door to let in the world

light floods the room

only knowing the sun’s death

the night owl is entranced by the sun’s rebirth


running, now, to the edge of the mighty lake

the sun cuts a bright path on the water

she longs to skip on this road

to the sun

and in this instant she believes there are miracles


her mother and father join her in celebration

as the new day is etched in pure gold

she reaches up and cups the newborn sun

in her hand


the moment passes

voices break the magical silence

the smell of coffee and pancakes


she feels the bubbly secret

of witnessing the miracle of


the day

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The city glistens in the morning light

that shines upon the people moving fast.

A little girl, pigtails tied up with bright

bubblegum colored ribbons hurries past.

She pauses by the vender stalls to think

and run her quiv’ring fingers through her hair.

Her darting eyes catch sight of red and pink

and rest upon the flowers lying there.

“Here is your daily flower,” says a boy.

The vender hands the girl a sturdy rose.

“Roses are beauties!” the girl says with joy.

She skips along, as love inside her grows.

She brings the rose to stony gardens blue

and sets it on a headstone there. For you.


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The Taste of Water




the whistling wind in autumn leaves


nose to the ground

breathing in the musty scent

leaves rustle

life moves

the world hums





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Words, Words

birds flit

flutter, fly

but never will they

rattle or howl

to daintly flit

across the sky

instead of a purr

a yap or a prowl


a flit-flutter


tip-toe tapping

jumpy jiggle

a noise, a sound

what does it matter

if it is

a snort or a giggle?


a honk or a beep

a weary sigh

a swish or a splash

an inch or a mile

don’t know about you

but I think that I

would rather grin

than smirk or smile


to be mischievous

and have joy

instead of a prankster

and be happy

which is the better

to be quiet or coy


or sappy?


you might argue

hey, these are the same

the synonyms are easy

to see

but, like a religion

a belief or a name

words matter

to me

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How to Create Art

Editor's Note:

Lack of punctuation and capitalization is intentional.

first you must open your eyes

and watch the world

see time crawl

see it whiz by

see the colors hidden in shadows

see the heat from the sun

see soft

see rough

see the slope of the earth

see joy

see pain

see the creatures in the trees

see young

see old

see the sun’s rebirth

see light

see dark

see the leaves in the breeze

see all that the world has to offer



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Children's, Short Stories

The Shadow-Swallowers

In the curves of the trees, in the places hidden from the sun’s harsh rays and within leaping distance to the refreshing coolness of the bubbling creek, live the Shadow Swallowers. They are so called because they seem to live off of nothing but shadows. But within their own race, they are simply called Beings.

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