Burning Like Lava

Like a teapot I boil,

Like a volcano I explode.

There is no in between

When it comes to my anger mode.


It bubbles in the cauldron

Deep in my heart,

Waiting for just that little something

To make the flaming rain start.


A barrage of words I never use,

Evil laced with venom on my tongue,

I scream and cry and refuse

That I could possibly be wrong.


I can’t just say ‘I’m angry’

I always hide when I’m sad,

Because pain isn’t something you share, is it?

Yet why do I hide that it feels so bad?


I cry out because I’m angry,

And being angry gives me pain-

As if my heart is about to burst

Into a bath of bloody rain…


Listen well, if you might

And if nothing else, remember this:

It’s best to be honest from the start.

Instead of at war, you’d surely feel bliss.

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Stuck on the Borderline

I’m stuck on the edge

Of good and bad

I’m stuck between

The sea and the sand.


I’m lost in the wild

Yet I’ll never be free

The line’s so fine

That it’s too hard to see.


I want to know now

Where there’s a shade of gray

Not that I’ll notice

If I look either way.


I’m stuck on the borderline

Trying to find my ground.

It’s noisy as can be…

Yet I don’t hear a sound.


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