Love yourself

You are the universe manifested in a body.

Starlight and rainbows and thunderstorms

and chaos and confusion and frustration

and brilliance and radiance and joy,

all wrapped up in a cloak of skin.


Love yourself

For in doing so you will learn to love

the other bodies that make up

the universe and the chaos.


Love yourself

We were taught many things but never this:

that it’s okay to be madly,

radiantly, passionately

in love with you, yourself.


Love yourself

We were taught,

“love our neighbor as ourselves”,

but that’s pretty much impossible to do

if you don’t love yourself.


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Short Stories


“Master Leonardo…” The young man tapped on the open door and stepped into the room.

“Eh, what? Hello, lad. What do you want? The great Leonardo cannot paint anymore, and his head is too fuddled to invent things.”

“I have a question, Master. Just one question.”

The old man grumbled and stirred from his chair by the fireplace. “Well, speak quickly now. The aged have little time for stammers and foolery.”

“Who is she?”

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